Changing Technology In Print Media

September 11, 2009

     Changing technology has clearly shifted a substantial amount of print readership to the “free” web. Print media has been challenged to say the least…it’s time to get those creative juices flowing! Brainstorming, innovation and excitement will change print media, all of which is necessary to compete with the free web. This is not to say that online and print media must be adversaries, rather that print media must differentiate itself to maintain and  add value. 

     Some publications are using these changes in technology to their advantage. CBS Corp is including thousands of screens in publications of Entertainment Weekly that play more than 30 minutes of show clips. Though CBS is not the first to incorporate sound or flashing light into a publication, their creativity and innovation are commendable. Will their attempt be effective? 

What I found disappointing is that these chips will only be included in subscriber copies of Entertainment Weekly. I understand the importance of holding onto those customers, however in order to grow, why not include 500 of these video clad magazines in news stands? Create a buzz! Collectors and intrigued consumers may have stormed the news stands in droves. 

CBS did something similar in 2005 by including a sound chip in People Magazine to promote its  biography on Elvis. The Washington Post viewed the promo as a belly flop.

Will the video clip create a buzz? Would it have been a better idea to aim for new customers?

I think CBS is on the right track. The creative juices are flowing.


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