Filtered Frugality or Endless Abundance?

September 18, 2009

            How many times have you sat down at your computer to be productive but promptly been sucked in to the endless abundance? The New York Times published an article that compares the distractions of the web in your modern day office to the chaos in a Las Vegas casino. I in many ways agree with this analogy. If I had a dollar for every time I sat at my computer to be productive and realized hours later that I had spent the entirety of my time on Facebook, Myspace, Gmail, Nordstrom’s, etc. I’d be a rich woman.

            However, The Wall Street Journal recently published an article on free tools that are available online to help prevent users from stumbling aimlessly on the internet, tracking all of their time online and where they are spending it.

            Though there have been many times that the web and its endless abundance have overwhelmed me, I much prefer the abundance of raw personal views to the thought of Big Brother Authorities controlling everything that is made available to me.

I much prefer the opportunity to make educated decisions on what sites to view and what sites to avoid. I love that I can search for my peer’s views online, unedited and unfiltered.


One Response to “Filtered Frugality or Endless Abundance?”

  1. ramalama Says:

    Great links, very interesting.
    I think you might want to consider changing your theme. The text is small and pale, and over half of the space is just red background. I think a different theme would be nicer for the reader.

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