Trust and Communities

October 22, 2009


Personalization, user-generated content, community and anonymity are only some of the practices traditional media can take from the Internet. Sites such as  iGoogle  allow users to customize their welcome pages with specified news, games and appearance. YouTube  and Wikipedia  rely on user-generated content.

Bloggers have become more innovative and creative than most traditional journalists, publishing their unpolished thoughts, engaging the public in conversation. However traditional media still has one huge benefit over bloggers, which is credibility. Peter Shankman, founder of Help a Reporter Out, says bloggers need to appreciate the value of trust.

The most valuable change that traditional media should make in order to retain current customers and gain new audiences is to follow bloggers lead in portraying news as a conversation, rather than a lecture. By encouraging contribution, people will begin to share their opinions, values and passions, vesting time and effort into their “voice” as they are with CNN. As contributions grow, communities, which entail relationships, will develop.

These contributions should be available and recognized in both print and online so that both have’s and have not’s have access Neo-Luddites and early adopters alike will be able to have conversations. This will build a bridge across the digital divide.


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