Reading is so yester-year…

October 30, 2009

Books are for reading as the Internet is for scanning, however the majority of online news organizations have yet to figure this out. After spending a solid 45 minutes looking for an example of a user friendly, scannable online article I was still empty handed.

Whether it is the resolution, the lighting or the size of the screen users do not want to read on the Internet. The user wants their info quick, easy and scan-able. Los Angeles PR says concise, clear writing is crucial and will improve search engine optimization. Bullets, bold words, videos and links can improve and contribute to an article online, by guiding the scanner’s eyes, directing them to the info they are looking for and adding to the story.

However many news organizations are still shoveling their lengthy print material on to the web, which is often frustrating to the reader. 

Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and user experience at Google, points out that online users are not sitting down at the computer to read a paper, they are sitting down to scan an article. If news organizations, as competitive as ever, want to hold a user’s attention they need to provide user friendly material and then tell the user what to do next; comment, visit related articles, watch a video or look at pictures.

The news organizations need to adapt and cater to this audience or they too will be left in yester-year.


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