Evolution or extinction, take your pick print journalism.

December 9, 2009

In my past three and a half years at Chico State I have heard over and over that print journalism is dying, readership is declining and that the end is near. However, there has remained a tinge of doubt in the back of my mind, that print journalism could ever cease to exist, that it would remain in fact, eternal.

All things evolve and adapt, or they become extinct. Isn’t it possible that rather than dying per say, that print journalism is resisting evolution, refusing to adapt to the capabilities offered by new technology such as the Internet? If print journalism does not adapt to attract niches in the market than it will likely become extinct. It is absolutely crucial that at this point in time, media guru’s and print journalists join together and brainstorm what they can offer to become more appealing to the consumer.

Print media is still the favored form of local advertising and distribution of local news. Print media is still favored by many educational institutions. Print media is easier to read. Print media is tangible. Print media is huge in the history of the United States. It very well may reduce in size, however, small towns rely on the advertising in newspapers. Small towns rely on their local paper for relevant news that major newspapers and websites do not care about.

In order to remain eternal, print journalism must prioritize, identify their profitable markets and evolve to better serve them. The clock is ticking for print journalism, evolution or extinction?


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